P.O.Box 128
Negaunee, MI  49866
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Our sincere thanks to all who have served on the board, and especially for all the fine folks who's membership fees support the Negaunee Irontown Association throughout the years.

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Please make your check payable to “Negaunee Irontown Association”
and mail it and this form to:
P.O. Box 128; Negaunee, MI 49866

Becoming a supporter of Irontown is quite simple: There are several opportunities to support the Irontown Association.  We accept donation for the Pioneer Days Fireworks fund, the NHS Irontown Scholarship Fund and the annual Irontown Supporter Card.  

The Supporter Card only requires a $30 annual fee. All supporters receive a discount card, entitling them to many special offers at local businesses. Supporters do not need to live, work or have graduated from Negaunee to become a supporter. Most importantly this does not require any meeting commitments.


2022 Irontown Board Members

The Negaunee Irontown Association was started in 1979, with the mission to preserve the heritage of Negaunee and to encourage former residents to return to the area. 

Pioneer Days:  2022 JULY 1st - JULY 9TH

                                                                              2023 JUNE 30TH - JULY 8TH

                                                                              2024 JULY 5TH - JULY 13TH       

                                                  Celebrating 43 years of community service!                                                                                                                              ​       




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President Ann Ducoli
Vice President Amanda Marlowe
Treasurer Michele Kontio
Secretary  John Thomas

Wendi Thomas

Kelly Jandron
Michele Kontio
Brenda Alexander

Bob Hendrickson

Sean Francis

Barbara Oglesby

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