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Ilona Andersen
Bud Bair
Marie R. Bomoster
 Century 21
Mr. & Mrs. John Filippi
Mr. Bill Jennings
Shirley  Jenstrom
Dr. Werner J. Johnson
Jerry  Johnson
Larry Johnson
Arthur J.  Koski
Keith & Mary Jo Kytta
Dan & Connie Lindbloom
John M. Maitland

Wayne  Merrick
Ruby H.  Minelli
Mr. & Mrs. R. Neault
Renee  Prusi
Ann M. Sarkela
Paul  Symons
George  Torreano
Mr. Kenneth  Trembath
Ben & Judy  Vanni
Mr. & Mrs. A. Violetta
Ralph/Jerry Wainio
Mr. & Mrs. C. Waters
Carolyn A  Wills
Mike & Ann Moyle

Those interested in becoming a supporter can complete supporter form and send a check or money order for $30 to:
Negaunee Irontown Association 
P.O. Box 128
Negaunee, MI 49866 
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Becoming a supporter of Irontown is quite simple: There are 3 opportunities to support the Irontown Association.  We accept donation for the Pioneer Days Fireworks fund, the NHS Irontown Scholarship Fund and the annual Irontown Supporter Card.

The Supporter Card only requires a $30 annual fee. All supporters receive a discount card, entitling them to many special offers at local businesses. Supporters do not need to live, work or have graduated from Negaunee to become a supporter. Most importantly this does not require any meeting commitments.

​Send a check or money order to:

Negaunee Irontown Association
P.O. Box 128
Negaunee, MI 49866

2017 Irontown Association Supporters

Dave & Linda Dompierre
Lawrence Ellerbruch
Lorna Hiller
Don Williams 
Don Maki
Alton & Joanne McCathy
Pete & Beth Meli
Roger & Patty Leaf
Lee & Linda Warner
William Carlson
Donald Ellis
Donald & Mary Leece
Sherrie Willey
Cheryl & Bruce Radloff
Nancy Hill
Ruth Chamberlain
Patty Holman
Lani & Nancy Duquette
Patricia Langlois
Richard & Carol Carlson
Patricia Hill 
Claire Young
Larry & Margaret Hill
Mike & Kerri Bath
Troy & Sarah Henderson
Lynn & Walter Krahn
Amanda Zeidler
Jill Dompierre
Louise Reynolds
Donna & Mike VanStraten
Fran Sharland
Kelly Beard
William Dobson
Jackie Jachim
Mark Pynnonen
Steven Solberg
Angela Hentkowski
James Bucholtz
Allen Sunne
Rachel Simonsen
Jeff Johnson

Kim & Heidi Lenten
Carol Farm
Terry Gould
Rick & Cathy Zambon
Jeff & Pam Johnson
Cheryl & Greg Dix
Nate & Heidi Dawson
Brenda Washnock
Bill & Paula Hemmila
Bob Johnson
Gary Kivela
Ryan & Stacy Whitley
Rick Carlson
Great Lakes Wood Products
Joe Haara
Wayne Connors
Mike Mileski
Joy Holman
Little Friends Childerns Center
Justin & Gina Debelak

Amy Gawry
Dix Carpentry 
Jim & JeanneFlannery
Michael's Homes Inc.
Gary Sjolund
Steve & Liz Wills 
Wendi Thomas
Tom & Renae Petrocik
Dave & Donna Dompierre

Taryn Hetrick
Dave Dunstan
David Speaker
Robert Koskey
Geraldine Bair
Michelle & Dan Roth
Border Grill
Jerry Williams 
Pat & Becky Moyle
Karen Hakala
Peninsula Glass & Auto Sales
Larry & Heidi Argall
Jon's Auto/ Jon Christanson

​Upper Peninsula Abatement Co
Kathleen Villa
Virginia Kelly
Ronald Perala
Elmer & Thersa Rinehart
Dave & Judy Hallgren
Friends of Negaunee Library
Trudy Taskila

​Brad Symons
Amy Bond
Dianne Martice​

Irontown Association Lifetime Supporters

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