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2018 NHS Alumni Softball Basic Rules and Guidelines

1.      Games will be six innings long with the following mercy rules in effect:

·         A maximum of 7 runs can be scored by a team in any inning. If an outside-the-park home run is hit that would give a team more than 7 runs in the inning, the inning is over, and that team will have 7 runs for that inning.

·         The 15-run-rule applies after 4 complete innings

·         The 8-run-rule applies after the completion of 5 innings

2.      Home plate is the mat supplied by the committee. Any pitch touching the mat is a strike.

3.      There can be an unlimited arc for men, but there is a 12-foot limit for the women.

4.      If the batter steps on home plate (mat) while making contact with the ball, he or she is out.

5.      Only aluminum bats supplied by the tournament committee are legal.

6.      All games will start when scheduled, or within 5 minutes of the previous game if it runs late. Every team is required to be ready to play when announced, and the team’s lineup card must be made available to the score-booth 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time (paper and pen will be supplied in booth). Minor changes can be made after submitting the batting order.

7.      There will be no infield or outfield practice before games. Teams must be ready to play when called upon.

8.      No metal spikes are to be worn. Any player wearing metal spikes will be DISQAULIFIED.

9.      Each team must have a minimum of 8 (eight) players, 7 (seven) of which MUST be from their class, in their lineup, otherwise they will forfeit, no exceptions. Teams can play with 8 (eight) players, but will take one out every time their ninth player would have come up in the batting order.

10.  Teams may pick up players if they are short, up to a total of 10 (ten) players in their lineup. Players that may be picked up include spouse (NHS grad or not), immediate family member(s) that are OLDER (unless otherwise approved by Tournament Director) or an NHS grad from an older class. NON-NHS GRADUATES WHO ARE NOT SPOUSES OF A PLAYER IN THE LINEUP ARE NOT PERMITTED TO PLAY. All non-class pickups shall play the following positions IN THIS ORDER: 1) Catcher 2) Right Field 3) Right-Center Field. All players picked up must be done so in mutual agreement with other team.

11.  All players must be in the batting order. Defensive positions may be rotated at any time. The only exception for someone leaving the lineup is by injury. An automatic out will be assessed for those leaving the game for any  reason other than injury or required to leave as they are emergency personnel (EMT, firefighter, etc.)

12.  Courtesy runners are permitted if reported to the scorer’s table prior to the game. This rule is not intended to let any person gain an advantage with speed. Injury base-runners are allowed with the person recording the last out becoming the new base-runner (same-sex if applicable). Once a courtesy runner is used for a player, that player must use a courtesy runner for the entire game.

13.  A minimum of two women must be in the field and lineup at all times for all teams in the Junior Varsity division of the bracket. An automatic out per female player not in the field will be issued for every inning that this rule is violated. Designated Hitters may be used by teams with more than 10 (ten) players. Each team may have more than one DH. A DH may not be called out unless they reach first base safely. If there is more than one DH, then each DH would rotate in the batting order. If a team has only one DH, the DH would start the first inning, and the team must go through the entire batting order for the DH to be used again. If a team has multiple DH’s, each would rotate in the batting order. A team must go through the entire batting order before the first DH would be permitted to hit again.

·         For teams in the Junior Varsity bracket, the DH may be used if more than 2 women are in the lineup.

o   Example: Team 20XX has 4 women playing; 2 women would count as regular batters in the lineup and can be called an out at any time. The other 2 women could be used as a DH as described above. All four women can rotate on the field for defensive purposes.

14.  All plays that occur at home plate are force-outs, and do not require the runner to be tagged. If the ball beats the runner to home plate and is caught, an out is made. The catcher’s domain is from the white line on the mat, to 18’’ in front of the mat. And the runner’s domain is anywhere BEHIND the white line on the mat. Runners who make contact with or go further than the halfway-line (chalked white line) must continue to home plate. Players who cross the line and go back to third will be called out.

15.  In case of disagreements, the home plate umpire will have the final decision.

16.  Game play will consist of 4 balls and 3 strikes. (There will be NO courtesy-foul.)

17.  All teams are required to use good sportsmanship at all times. Foul language and/or excessive arguing may cause disqualification from the game and the tournament. This tournament is not intended to get someone hurt by rough play or being ridiculed; it’s intended to let everyone have fun with classmates.

Entry Fee is a minimum of $50 per team. If a team exceeds more than 10 players, each player is to pay $5 to participate in the team’s first game. If new players show up to future games, it is based on the “scouts-honor” system for that player to pay their $5. If a team has 10 or less players, the Entry Fee is still $50.

Entry Fee must be paid to scorer’s table prior to the start of each team’s first game in the tournament. It is the team’s responsibility to pay PRIOR to the game.