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P.O.Box 128
Negaunee, MI  49866
(906) 486-8084
Contact us:  info@negauneeirontown.com

President Ann Ducoli
Vice President Wendi Thomas
Treasurer Michele Kontio
Secretary  John Thomas

Kelly Jandron
Michele Kontio
Lori Ring
Lisa Wetton
Brenda Alexander

Amanda Marlowe

Sean Francis

Barbara Oglesby

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COVID-19 Pandemic Notice

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Please make your check payable to “Negaunee Irontown Association”
and mail it and this form to:
P.O. Box 128; Negaunee, MI 49866

Due to the Covid19 pandemic, the Negaunee Irontown Association has made the decision to cancel Pioneer Days for 2020. Based on the limitations in accordance with the Govenor’s order as well as the City of Negaunee’s orders, the Board of Directors were forced to cancel all events associated with Pioneer Days. The Board based its decision on the most up to date information provided. The Board of Directors wishes everyone good health and looks forward to Pioneer Days 2021. If you were a major event sponsor in the “Patron”, “Title” or “Major” categories and would like a refund of your 2020 sponsorship, please contact the Irontown Association at info@negauneeirontown.org or by calling 906-486-8084 so that arrangements can be made. Otherwise, your donation will be forwarded to the 2021 Pioneer Days along with all other donations made for 2020.

The Board of Directors thanks you all for your patience and understanding. 

Our sincere thanks to all who have served on the board, and especially for all the fine folks who's membership fees support the Negaunee Irontown Association throughout the years.

The Negaunee Irontown Association  relies on the support of our local businesses and community.

 Its easier than ever to donate today!  Click on the donation tab and donate via PayPal or mail to

PO Box 128 Negaunee, MI  49866.

Your donation will help support Pioneer Days , Tinseltown and NHS Scholarships. 

Supporters Needed:

​The Negaunee Irontown Association depends on you to keep running. With a board of volunteers putting on events such as Pioneer Days and Christmas Tree Lighting, supporters—formerly known as "members"—are our lifeline. This year, if you become an Irontown supporter, you receive a supporter card with offers that are out of this world...for only $30.

Irontown festivals, events and other details are sorted out by an up-to-20 member volunteer board of directors who meet monthly. An annual meeting of the supporters is held each year to ratify the board membership.

There currently are open positions on the Irontown board of directors. Download more information and an application here: 

The Negaunee Irontown Association was started in 1979, with the mission to preserve the heritage of Negaunee and to encourage former residents to return to the area. 

Pioneer Days:  2019 JULY 5TH - JULY 13TH

                                                                             2020 JULY 3RD - JULY 11TH

​                                                                             2021 JULY 2ND - JULY 10TH

Celebrating 40 years of community service!